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Startup Idea pitch

New business starts with an idea.
You have a startup idea, you are really passionate about it and confident in your success... Then why waste time? Start - and move on to a wonderful future!
Stop it!
Let’s look at the statistics first, and it’s going to make some changes to your vision of the future. So, notice:

90% of startups close in the first two years.
9% of startups will continue, but there will be no profit for developers and investors.
1% of startups will really take off, moving their creators to Forbes pages.
100% of startups believed they had a super startup idea.

People spent time and money, put a little bit of their life into their idea, but the project died without a trace.
The main cause of failure is a wrong goal-setting caused by an erroneous or inaccurate initial idea and weak pitch of it.
That’s why it’s important to have an independent critical look at the basic idea of startup.
Let us notice that the concept of "critical gaze" has no negative meaning. "Critical gaze" does not mean "prejudiced".
In this case, the " Critique " is a review in which the idea is considered from all sides, and an expert opinion is given on each. The content of the review includes the following items:
Technical feasibility. You idea is beautiful! Are you sure that it can be realized at the current level of technology development?
Legal correctness. Do you know that the implementation of your idea is in line with the legislation, countries where you are going to do business?
Patent security. Have you checked the patent purity of your idea? Perhaps, someone has already patented it.
Financial component. Do you know how much it would cost to realize your idea? How much can you make with your idea?
In total, more than 10 parameters are considered and a summary conclusion is given. In some cases we propose to reformulate the original idea.
Let’s evaluate your idea, you get expert opinion, professional pitch of it, and a lot of information useful to develop this idea.