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Marketing research

The cryptocurrency market, despite the fact that this term has long been in common use, remains an uncertain and even irrational concept. Financial, stock and commodity markets are becoming more or less clear – their marketing tools have achieved perfection over several decades.
The procedures of "traditional" marketing research are standardized and the result is fairly accurate.
As for the crypto market, there is no certainty even in terms. For example, the concept of "demand". Try to apply it to Bitcoin. In a "traditional" economy, everything is relatively simple - an asset has useful properties, and there is an audience that is interested in these useful properties. And if you start looking for useful properties of Bitcoin, you can quickly get into a dead end. Nevertheless, they are, but not like "traditional".
The same applies to almost all conventional terms and concepts, which is why marketing research of the cryptocurrency market - a completely separate direction that requires special approaches.
We conduct professional marketing research in the field of cryptocurrency, blockchain and DeFi. We know and take into account all the features of the business and prepare documents, without which it is problematic to launch a new startup.